Message From the College of Nursing

Message for the College of Nursing Welcome to Fall LIFE at UCF!!! The College of Nursing had an incredible summer interacting with many of you, so we thought we would continue sharing this fall! Students and faculty have developed a variety of topics and lessons to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Topics range […]

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LIFE 2020 Fall Preview/Highlights

LIFE 2020 Fall Preview/Highlights By: Jack McGuire, Curriculum Committee Chair The LIFE Curriculum Committee is excited that we have been able to put together, in this incredibly different and difficult time, what we believe will be a great slate of Fall 2020 speakers for LIFE. Currently, we have 24 speakers scheduled beginning September 8th, and […]


SpaceX Made Possible by UCF Alumni

SpaceX flight impossible without UCF alumni help By James C. Clark When SpaceX took off from Cape Canaveral, it might well have carried a bumper sticker reading: IF YOU ARE ON BOARD THIS, THANK A UCF GRADUATE. For half a century, the University of Central Florida has been working to send men and women into […]

UCF Weekly Astrochemistry Web Series

The UCF AVS chapter have been providing free, online webinars about astrochemistry! You can hear from experts in the field from all over the country discussing a variety of astrochemistry topics. These webinars will continue twice a week through the end of June. To register for a webinar or watch previous webinar recordings click here!

A Message from LIFE at UCF President, Todd Bowers

See below for LIFE President, Todd Bowers’, statement regarding the present status of LIFE at UCF as it pertains to current events and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on LIFE at UCF’s curriculum and classes. Click the following link for a downloadable version:

Spring Semester Cancelled

LIFE at UCF Cancellation of Classes Message from LIFE President, Todd Bowers   Dear LIFE Members: First and foremost, all of us associated with LIFE at UCF hope you and your families are healthy and able to deal with the practices we are all being asked to follow.  We’re all becoming familiar with the term […]