Membership Benefits

LIFE membership includes many benefits of membership beyond that of high-quality learning experiences. Some of them include:

  • More than 50 interesting and informative speaker presentations each year
  • A UCF Student ID allowing free or discounted entrance at sports events, performing arts events, and student prices at some other venues
  • A UCF parking pass for LIFE at UCF members that can be used in selected lots for events on campus
  • UCF library privileges
  • Opportunities to meet and socialize with other lifelong learners
  • Participate in variety of UCF research projects
  • Interesting local field trips, many of which are free
  • Occasional opportunities for adventurous longer trips, including some overseas travel
  • Volunteer opportunities to serve LIFE, UCF, and the Central Florida community

“I particularly enjoy being part of University life again. Because we are identified as students by the University, we also get student pricing for many events. This provides another opportunity for us to attend Arts, Educational and Athletic events in groups or individually. LIFE’s lectures are outstanding and are presented by the leading lights in their fields but there is even more. We enjoy special field trips, outings, and sometimes international travel.”

Jeter Walker

Member since 2017