Executive Committee

Rich Sloane, President (Pictured First)
Mike Agor, Vice President (Pictured Second)
Clint Buczkowski, Treasurer
Mo Cortese, Secretary

Board of Directors

Sue Chapman
Mo Cortese
Marty Lee
Nick Guerra
Brian Goldiez
Gail Agor
Ed Schons

Bill Myers
Marcia Enos
Todd Bowers
Ann Barretta
Linda Thompson
John Cooper
Bob Shannon

Ex-Officio Board Members

Wayne Bowen, UCF Liaison/UCF Academic Sponsor
Dr. Richard Tucker, UCF Liaison Emeritus


Executive Committee: Rich Sloane, President


  • Bylaws/Policy:  TBD
  • Nominating: TBD

Curriculum Committee:  Bob Shannon


  • Trippin’ through LIFE: Gail Agor

UCF Partnership Committee: Mike Agor


  • Gerontology Research Awards: Bill Myers
  • Appreciation Awards: Mike Agor
  • LIFE at UCF Disability, Aging & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship: Rich Sloane
  • Safety: Leslie Collin
  • Toys for Tots: Kim Bowers
  • Knights Pantry: Deb Barton
  • Research Review: Dick Tucker

Public Relations Committee: TBD


  • Newsletter: Gail Agor

Membership Committee: Nick Guerra

Finance Committee: Brian Goldiez

Diversity and Inclusion: John Cooper

To contact any LIFE volunteer listed on this page, please email:
info@lifeatucf.org or leave a message at 407-823-5433



LIFE Executive Director – Leslie Collin, email:  Leslie.Collin@ucf.edu
LIFE Executive Director- Jacqueline Ulacia, email:  Jacqueline.Ulacia@ucf.edu


Student Administrative Assistants:

Past Presidents

Jack McGuire

Todd Bowers
Julian Meitin
Vonnie Bradbury
Judith Thames
Martin Wiener (deceased)
Phillips Easterling
Charles Fritz
Douglas Garner
RADM. Ray Jones
Ed Haddad (deceased)

Dr. John Pellosie (deceased)
Rosemary Desamper (deceased)
Hy Meltz (deceased)
Ed Callan (deceased)
Al Dallago (deceased)
Richard O’Sullivan (deceased)
Roy Connally (deceased)