A number of members have been suggested as speakers for the LIFE at UCF Tuesday sessions. Our leadership has been looking for the best way to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge built into our organization. As a result, the 2024-2025 school year will feature an exciting new educational program for LIFE at UCF members.


We are announcing the start of the SHARING OUR LIFE program, featuring small group seminars where LIFE at UCF members are invited to make a presentations and lead open discussions on a topic where they have in-depth and demonstrated expertise.


The sessions will be held in a classroom setting on campus immediately following the Tuesday morning guest speaker sessions.  The LIFE at UCF expert member will prepare and present detailed information designed to inform the participants and elicit discussions for deeper understanding of their topic. The SHARING OUR LIFE seminar leader is expected to provide professional level information in a presentation format, in a way that not only informs non-experts in the field, but also stimulates discussions among the participants to gain a more personal feel for the seminar topic. Each session is expected to last no longer than 90 minutes.


LIFE at UCF members are a diverse group with many different areas of expertise gained during their careers and life experiences. LIFE at UCF’s SHARING OUR LIFE program gives our members a chance to gain insight into interesting topics with other members in an intellectually stimulating small group forum.


We are planning to start the program with two to three seminar sessions each semester, the first to be scheduled in Fall 2024.

Bob Shannon, former research engineer with Westinghouse Electric Company R&D Center, and innovation manager at Siemens Energy Inc. will lead the first SHARING OUR LIFE event:
LIFE at UCF ENERGY SEMINAR – A Global View of Electric Power.


All LIFE at UCF members are encouraged to think about what areas of expertise they have, or other members they know to volunteer for leading one of the SHARING OUR LIFE seminars in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Look for more information later this summer on how to submit your ideas and details on the Fall 2024 seminar schedule.