Each January, the Volunteer Awards Committee will meet to review the contribution of LIFE members who have provided a significant volunteer effort over many years of LIFE membership. Suggested nominees may also be submitted to the committee chair by any current LIFE board member, past president, and the LIFE executive director. Consideration should be given to a member ending their LIFE volunteer work after many years of membership. The committee may recommend to the board of directors only one LIFE member in any given year, but there is no requirement that this award be given every year. The vote of the committee must be unanimous.

Award recommendations to the board of directors will be made no later than the February board meeting and will be accompanied by a detailed letter enumerating the member’s significant volunteer efforts over their tenure as a member of LIFE. Final approval of the award will require at least a two-thirds vote of members present at a meeting of the board of directors. This year, we awarded two members with awards titled the Annual and LIFEtime Ray Jones Volunteer Recognition awards.

Annual Ray Jones Volunteer Recognition Award Winner:Gail Agor

LIFEtime Ray Jones Volunteer Recognition Award Recipient:Ann Barretta