Cancellation of Classes

Message from LIFE President, Todd Bowers


Dear LIFE Members:

First and foremost, all of us associated with LIFE at UCF hope you and your families are healthy and able to deal with the practices we are all being asked to follow.  We’re all becoming familiar with the term “social distancing”, even though it is redefined on a daily basis.   Fortunately, we live in a time when technology offers many options for continuing our lives when our routines are temporarily interrupted.  Most of all, remain positive, follow the advice of healthcare professionals and we will get through this and life (and LIFE) can return to normal.

Our partner, UCF is rapidly adjusting to the current situation.  As of today, all classes are quickly moving to on-line only status for the remainder of the semester. Students have been asked to leave campus and only essential personnel are on site.  Commencement ceremonies for the Spring semester have been cancelled.  For all intents and purposes, campus is closed and will remain closed for the remainder of the Spring semester.  As of yesterday, we have not been made aware of any positive Covid-19 tests in the UCF community, but there are confirmed cases on other Florida college campuses.  Yesterday, LIFE at UCF leadership has made the difficult decision to suspend LIFE classes for the remainder of the Spring semester.   LIFE will communicate with you via e mail as well as Facebook and web page updates.  Check daily for announcements.  For UCF updates, refer to the

LIFE Executive Director Leslie Collin, (now working from home) stays in touch with our contacts at UCF and is closely following their expansion of on-line content.  We are hopeful that in time, we might be able to offer LIFE members access to certain UCF lectures and presentations.  While LIFE is not the highest priority for the university at this time, they understand the importance of LIFE and there is no doubt their expansion of on-line content will be another LIFE member benefit down the road.  We are also researching other opportunities for our members to enjoy lifelong learning from their homes.  One such opportunity is highlighted below!

LIFE members, stay healthy, physically and mentally.  We will get through this and be better for it.

Charge On!

Todd Bowers

LIFE President